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Starting to business life with catch-phrase "long-term business" in 1975, company offer its products and services to customers and its agencies by manufacturing and delivering in time heating products such as electric water heater, instantaneous water heater, industrial type water heater, boiler, thermoboiler, electric radiator, electric combi boiler under the name of FENTES HEATING SYSTEMS Industry and Trade Inc. Co. Our young, dynamic, innovative and entrepreneurial company under the leadership of staff; * Over Sink-Under Sink Electric Water Heaters (15-30 L) * Fentes Oncu gas boiler - hot water without waiting - FIRST IN THE WORLD * Fenohight water heater for toilet tap - FIRST IN THE WORLD * Electric Instantaneous Water Heater (Bathroom-Kitchen Type) * Electric Water Heaters (40-150 liters) * Fenofix (Instantaneous water heater Over Sink-Under Sink 15-30 liters) FIRST IN THE WORLD * Boiler-Termoboilers(50-150lt) * Industrial Type Electric Water Heaters (150-2000Lt) * Marina Type Electric Water Heaters * Instantaneous Boilers (Single and Double Coil) * Wall Mount Electric Radiators (6-36kW / h) * Wall Mount Electric Combi (6-36kW / h) * Location Type Electric Radiators (40-180 kW / h) * Location Type Electric Combi (40-180 kW / h) offers solutions for our business partners, including all kinds of technical support. Company manufactures lots of industrial products in hot water and heating system sectors with its experts and certificated staff. Our company offer its products under the name of company's own brand. Aiming to contribute to Turkey's rising targets, FENTES HEATİNG SYSTEMS adopts customer satisfaction, competitive business, concept of self-conscious company, timepleaser as its principles. Moreover, Having ISO 9001-2000 Certificate, TSE and CE Certificates, Certificates of Quality and Compliance, our company aims to expand its sales network in Turkey and around the world.

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Sweden, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Albania, Afghanistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Nakhchivan, Libya, Tunisia, Georgia, Equatorial Guinean, Faeroe Islands, Algeria, Syria, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

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Established Date: 1975  Tax Office: Küçükçekmece  Tax Number: 3850529711  Staff Count: 6-10  Export Specialist: Mustafa ŞEN