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Established in 1997, our company has started to offer products and services to its customers by working together with many global companies in Turkey in consumer electronics sector. Having proven itself in water heaters until 2001, our company, which targets innovation and non-stop production, today has produced hundreds of new projects and productions. Royal family, with its increasing number of employees and engineers and experience production staff within itself, has developed new product projects and today, it has become an international global company in the field of personal care, kitchen group and water heaters. Today; it produces many products such as electric water heater, hair drier, hair straighteners, hair curlers, shredder group, rondo, meat mincing machines, toaster machines, mixer group, electric coffee pot groups, kettle groups, tea machines and hand blender sets. The most important principle of our reputable company is producing high quality, long lasting, aesthetic and economical products for our customers. Our company is a follower and practitioner of all kinds of developing and renewing materials in the sector. Our goal is to develop new projects in line with our customers' demands and to pass on their dreams with their R&D studies with understanding of competitive price and high quality. To provide a better service for our partners and customers, intercorporate applications are planned in an observable and measurable way. It has done and does studies to make the quality a lifestyle, to adopt and feel the quality philosophy to all of its employees.
Since its establishment, Ihlas Ev Aletleri Imalat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. (IHEVA), has been producing a wide range of small home appliances that make life easier by taking human health and basic needs as basis. The company continuing its activities in the facility in Beylikduzu Organized Industrial Site with a covered area of 12.900m2, together with its strong technical staff, is producing in its Cleaning Robot, Water Purifier (reverse osmosis water filter), Water Heater and Vacuum Cleaners, Plastic Injection Production Plants and Carbon Filling Facilities. PRODUCT RANGE IDENTIFIED WITH IHLAS With cleaning robot, “reverse osmosis” water purifying systems, water heather, carpet washing machine and tea-maker in its product range Ihlas Ev Aletleri offers its products to its customers under Aura, Aura Cleanmax, Aura Roboclean, Aura Cebilon, Aura QVac, Aura Livac, Aura Wdry brands. While conducting its domestic marketing activities through the widespread dealer network and sales channels of the distributor firm Ihlas Pazarlama A.S., it carries out its activities abroad through various distribution channels. QUICK SOLUTION TO CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS WITH DIRECT MARKETING Customer expectations arising due field marketing team informing their customers about the products and services are transferred directly to Ihlas Ev Aletleri. The information obtained and the solutions developed provide immediate customer satisfaction.
Starting to business life with catch-phrase "long-term business" in 1975, company offer its products and services to customers and its agencies by manufacturing and delivering in time heating products such as electric water heater, instantaneous water heater, industrial type water heater, boiler, thermoboiler, electric radiator, electric combi boiler under the name of FENTES HEATING SYSTEMS Industry and Trade Inc. Co. Our young, dynamic, innovative and entrepreneurial company under the leadership of staff; * Over Sink-Under Sink Electric Water Heaters (15-30 L) * Fentes Oncu gas boiler - hot water without waiting - FIRST IN THE WORLD * Fenohight water heater for toilet tap - FIRST IN THE WORLD * Electric Instantaneous Water Heater (Bathroom-Kitchen Type) * Electric Water Heaters (40-150 liters) * Fenofix (Instantaneous water heater Over Sink-Under Sink 15-30 liters) FIRST IN THE WORLD * Boiler-Termoboilers(50-150lt) * Industrial Type Electric Water Heaters (150-2000Lt) * Marina Type Electric Water Heaters * Instantaneous Boilers (Single and Double Coil) * Wall Mount Electric Radiators (6-36kW / h) * Wall Mount Electric Combi (6-36kW / h) * Location Type Electric Radiators (40-180 kW / h) * Location Type Electric Combi (40-180 kW / h) offers solutions for our business partners, including all kinds of technical support. Company manufactures lots of industrial products in hot water and heating system sectors with its experts and certificated staff. Our company offer its products under the name of company's own brand. Aiming to contribute to Turkey's rising targets, FENTES HEATING SYSTEMS adopts customer satisfaction, competitive business, concept of self-conscious company, timepleaser as its principles. Moreover, Having ISO 9001-2000 Certificate, TSE and CE Certificates, Certificates of Quality and Compliance, our company aims to expand its sales network in Turkey and around the world.
Baymak has a long traditional past over 46 years, on a total area of 60,000 m2 in Tepeoren and operates with its two production plants. Baymak is the one of leading manufacturers in Turkey has 1200 dealers, over 2.100 sales points and more than 250 after sales service providers. Baymak has over 800 employees and always aiming to do produce with high-technology, became a member of BDR Thermea since 2013. BDR Thermea Group consisting of companies, Baxi (England)-in Dietrich (France) and REMEHA (Netherlands) with production facilities in Turkey, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands is with a turnover in excess of $ 3 billion and close to 7,000 employees become Europe’s 3rd biggest leader Dutch company, active with its trade in more than 70 countries. Baymak / BDR Thermea; manufactures, exports and imports in the categories of heating, renewable energy, electrical water heaters, cooling and water technology. Baymak reaches to the consumers, in the field of heating with the products of combi boilers, condensing boilers, commercial floor standing boilers, residential boilers, panel radiators, towel radiators, valves and expansion tanks and in the field of air-conditioning with wall-mounted split air-conditioners, floor standing air-conditioners and heat pumps. Baymak/BDR Thermea takes place in the field of renewable energy with solar collectors, biomass boilers, biodiesel burners and photovoltaic systems and Baymak presents it’s guarantee to the end-users in the field of water heaters and water technologies with electrical water heaters, thermoboilers, water heaters with gas, storage tanks, circulating pumps, submersible pumps, sewage pumps, multi-stage self-priming centrifugal pumps and water boosters.